Practice Areas


Practice Areas:

Commercial Trial Practice
Derivative Litigation
Complex Litigation
Accountants Malpractice
Legal Malpractice
Professional Liability
Bank Regulatory
Bankruptcy Litigation
Business Litigation
Insurance Litigation
Class Actions
Civil Appeals
Labor and Employment Law
Civil Rights
Intellectual Property
Executive Contract and Severance
Corporate Governance

Case Examples:

KPERS (Complex Litigation)

The KPERS litigation is an example of Mr. Coleman’s expertise in prosecuting and managing complex litigation. In that case, Mr. Coleman assembled a team of over thirty lawyers, who worked under his leadership in the coordinated prosecution of twelve discrete cases with common issues. In that endeavor, the Coleman Firm established a local Kansas office and document depository to house over 3,000,000 documents produced in the litigation. The KPERS litigation also shows how the effective use of a document imaging system on a wide area network permitted lawyers in different locations to have instant access to key documents, pleadings and other litigation files. During the course of this litigation, Mr. Coleman oversaw the retention and preparation of over thirty experts in areas as diverse as standards of care for lawyers, professional investment managers and investment bankers, fiduciary obligations of corporate officers and directors, and fiduciary obligations of public officials.