Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Launches New Civics Web-Site for Kids!

I happened to stumble across a great new website that all parents, students, teachers and grandparents should know about – so spread the word!  Justice Sandra Day O’Connor recently launched www.ourcourts.org which is a site containing a wealth of knowledge for children on American Civics and the Judicial Branch.  I plan on spending some time with my kids on it this weekend.  Check out Justice O’Connor’s recent appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart promoting the site (watch the video clips).  During the interview, Justice O’Connor stated some shocking statistics – she said “[o]nly a third of young Americans can name the 3 branches of government, much less know what they do..but 75% can name at least one American Idol judge.”  She also pointed out that today half of the states in America do not require Civics as a part of the school’s required curriculum.